How The Cold Blast is Affecting The Flower Industry in The Northeast

Flowers: they’re just like us! Ok, not really, but they don’t take too kindly to freezing temperatures like most of us. 

It seems like everyone is being affected by the historically cold winter we’re experiencing here in the Northeast, and the flower industry is no exception. From your local florist to the big names in the event industry, everyone is feeling the pain of the subzero temperatures.

Our florists let us in on their worst nightmares when it comes to freezing temperatures:

For the local florist, a daily operation has become more cumbersome and costly. Every flower arrangement leaving the shop, be it for delivery or pick up, has to be carefully wrapped and sealed in heavy grade cellophane to prevent an instant frost bite and untimely wilting of the flowers. Also, shop-to-consumer deliveries become difficult due to icy roads, poorly cleaned sidewalks, and the inability to leave a flower arrangement outside the front door in the event the recipient is not home. All these factors result in significant additional costs for your local florists.

For the event florist, things get even more complicated. With an obligation to deliver specific flower types and varieties for any given event, this cold blast has created additional stress and pressure on your event florist to source the right flowers. Problems arise when cargo flights that are carrying fresh flowers get canceled due to bad weather, resulting in boxes full of perishable flowers getting stuck in transit. This creates the issue of wilted flowers due to the lack of hydration, or worse yet, the flowers not making it in time for the event. Other issues come up when the temperature control chain is broken during flower transport. If at any point the flowers are exposed to freezing temperatures, many flower types will experience an instant frost bite, which is ‘fatal’ to the flower blooms. This could happen at any time during loading or unloading of this precious, perishable cargo.

So how do our expert event florists cope with this situation? They double, or sometimes triple, source their order. Duplicate orders are being placed with multiple suppliers in hopes that one of them will be able to make it to their destination safely in the Northeast. Needless to say, by taking these preventative measures, many event florists are forced to take a considerable hit on their profit margin, sometimes not being profitable at all. The important thing at this point is to be able to deliver what was promised to the client and do everything possible in the process.

This Northeast blast will be remembered by many professionals in the flower industry, who like everyone else experiencing this cold, cannot wait for spring! (28 days until spring, but who’s counting?)

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