Spotlight on: Sasha Perelman of Revolver Productions

Revolver Productions is a full-service corporate events and integrative marketing agency in NYC.

A few facts about Founder & CEO Sasha Perelman:

A professional relationship builder with marketing and event management experience in a bevy of industries.
She firmly believes in providing revolutionary experiences to her corporate clients by offering customizable and personalized event and integrated marketing solutions – it all starts with a cup of coffee!
Fun fact: Sasha’s parents immigrated to the US from Belarus in search of a new life and the American dream. It is the driving force and motivator in her being a successful entrepreneur, not to mention incredibly resourceful!

Why we love Bloomerent:
Resources are precious, and so is nature. We each have a role to play in finding innovative ways to honor that. Bloomerent is doing just that! Embracing Bloomerent’s mission to renew floral centerpieces from event to event to save client’s money and more importantly to go Green, here are some of Revolver’s tips from one of our go-to sources at for a successful sustainability event:

Pre Event
We’re seeing a big shift in the industry for locally sourced products. Take advantage of local resources and keep your surrounding community top of mind.
Identify a location close to public transportation and make sure that the event space has adopted sustainable practices. Maybe they even have a spot to park your bike!
Work closely with the chef on a sustainable food menu, use reusable tableware and pay attention to head count to reduce waste (Hot Tip: Try to set up a compost station for leftovers and work with a local farmer for pick up)

Generate awareness of sustainability practices throughout event via reusable signage, brochures and presentations to increase adoption among your guests. Encourage your attendees to download collateral on their smart phones and devices.
Consider a donation to local charity or organization to further sustainability education. At Revolver we donate a percentage of all our events to an up and coming charity that shares our passion + purpose.
Add décor options that can be reusable or consider live flowers and plants. Did you know that plants can help sharpen focus? That’s a huge plus on the engagement front!

Send a Thank You email with even more information on how your guests can contribute and help the environment even after the event is over.
Have more sustainable tips? Tell Sasha and her team on Twitter at @RevolverEventCo

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